Q.1 What is Klmee ?

Ans. Klmee is the Northern India’s premier counseling Center in Kota (Raj).  KLMEE is working in the field of Merchant Navy since 9 years. Klmee is a marine entrance examination conducting and governing body. Klmee was established as a visionary project to empower India as she expands her horizon in the maritime field.

Q.2 Why should you choose Klmee ?

Ans.:  Klmee is not just a counseling center but a career building center for marine aspirants. Many students have been participating in this exam from last 9 years. Klmee helps students to build bright career in marine line. The sky is the limit and ocean is the target of Klmee students.

Q.3 How to get Klmee forms ?

Ans.:  Klmee forms are issued in the mid week of November. Students can fill online forms from the following link- www.klmee.co.in

Q.4 How many students are selected though Klmee ?

Ans.:  Most of the premier DG Shipping colleges have 20% quota for Klmee students. Every year more than 240 students are selected through Klmee.

Q. 5  What is the syllabus for Klmee ?

Ans.:  The test is based on 11th and 12th CBSE standard Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics syllabus plus English grammar, vocabulary and Logical & Analytical reasoning.

Q. 6  How many questions are there in the test?

Ans.:  There are 200 questions altogether.

Q. 7  What is the duration of Klmee test ?

Ans. : The test is of 3 hrs. duration.

Q. 8  What is Merchant Navy?

Ans.:  The Merchant Navy is commercial aspects of Shipping Industry and Indian navy is the defense aspects. So there is a clear distinct difference between Merchant Navy and Indian Navy. Merchant navy fleet which basically deals with the transporting cargo by sea, to destinations around the world. Life in the Merchant Navy may be full of fun and adventure, but it is also hard work that requires the knowledge of navigation, maintenance and safe operation of a variety of vessels which travel long distances across the seas. The Merchant Navy fleet is mainly composed of cargo liners, tankers, cruisers, passenger vessels and other special types of seafaring vessels. Although modern vessels today are equipped with sophisticated gadgetry to deal with all emergencies, professionals employed on these vessels.

Q. 9  Why should you pursue a career in Merchant Navy?

Ans.:  Apart of a promising career, Merchant Navy ensures: you are paid while you learn, you get the chance to travel the world at your company's expense, time off is quality period measured in weeks and months - not just days , your life at sea is challenging and rewarding. You can quickly rise to the top and gain responsibility, respect and a salary to match there is a lifetime of personal development opportunities post life at sea.

Q. 10  Can we take our family on ship?

Ans. : Most companies provide facilities to take families after a certain rank.ie: At this stage, top 4 senior officers (Master, C/O, C/E, 2/E) are allowed to carry family onboard.

Q. 11 .Can we come home during On-Board And What are the Holiday Schemes after it ?

Ans.:  Students are not allowed to go home during On-Board except for any genuine reason and is sanction by the Master of the Ship. After the Course Completion there are 5 months working 2 months off, 4 months working 2 months off, 2 months working 2 months off Schemes with Respective Shipping Companies.

Q. 12  While on ship can we communicate with our Family ?

Ans.:  Now a days shipping industry is most advance so you can communicate with your parents/friends by way of internet, Satellite phone.